Ethernet Leased Lines

EurowebEthernet Leased Lines

WAN bandwidth requirements are growing at rates exceeding 30% per year fueled by bandwidth intensive real time network applications and business growth. Ethernet Leased Line services inherit the ease of use and scalability of Metro Ethernet technology making them the best choice when it comes to developing the WAN of growing businesses.

Euroweb recommends this service to companies that require direct connectivity between two locations for transporting different applications vital to the organization: voice, video and client-server file manipulation.

From the network point of view a leased line is actually a guaranteed-bandwidth, always online circuit between two geographical points that can span short or long distances.

Euroweb can provide Ethernet leased line service over its network using either MPLS or SDH technology.

Using international peerings with other carriers, leased line services can be extended virtually anywhere in the world.


Ethernet over MPLS is a service that provides an Ethernet transport over a network based on a MPLS technology (Multiprotocol Label Switching). The service provides an Ethernet Layer 2 point to point connection over Euroweb’s MPLS network between two customer locations.

Depending on the type of equipment being used EoMPLS circuits can provide VLAN / 802.1q transparency allowing the end customer to carry any number of VLANs independent of Euroweb’s transport.Other protocols transparency can also be set upon customer request (CDP, STP, VTP)

Benefits of service:

  • Guaranteed bandwidth;
  • Fast and reliable implementation;
  • Maximum bandwidth provided is 10Gbps;
  • Interconnection is done at Layer 2;
  • The service is stable and secure;
  • Professional Customer Care, 24/7/365;
  • Ticketing system available;
  • Fast intervention and fault recovery ;
  • Customized solutions adapted to real needs for each customer;
  • Access to SLA levels required by the business;
  • End-to-end management;

Network diagram for delivery services: