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As part of a long-lasting partnership with Cisco Euroweb offers its clients the possibility to host online meetings where clients can meet, collaborate in a virtual meeting room, exchange ideas, files or even “cast” their own desktop environment to others. The online meeting request is being generated by the meeting initiator (owner, chairman or Named User) who has access on Cisco’s WebEx portal. A link (URL) containing the “address” of the meeting is then sent to all the participants via email. Click-it and you’re ready to go, from your desktop all you need is a browser and a plugin while from the smartphone you will need to install an APP. All the resources needed for the meeting have already been provisioned on the cloud immediately after the meeting request was generated. As for security, everything from meeting initiation to actual file & multimedia streaming is encrypted end-to-end using enterprise grade mechanisms. A “Named User” can generate a meeting with up to 25 participants (extensible to 200 participants depending on the type of license that is being used)

Cisco WebEx online meeting tools can scale in direct correlation with business needs with features like video conferencing, online trainings and remote support sessions. Supplementary to these features you can define online meetings with voice access from PSTN telephony services, interoperability with telepresence and video-conference solutions or toll-free call-in services. Regardless of your endpoint capabilities WebEx offers a robust and secure way of delivering audio, video and files between users in an intuitive and easy to use manner. Depending on the features you need we can start by offering a number of base collaboration licenses (Small Business) or a number of modular collaboration ones (Meeting Center) where you can build a complex online meeting solution scalable and interoperable with existing video conference solutions.