Toll Free Numbers

EurowebToll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers allow your customers to contact you without any costs from their side, by simply calling a 0800008XXX number. The owner of the toll free number can be contacted from any telephone device within the Euroweb network, from other landline networks and also from mobile operators. Thus you will benefit from an extremely efficient marketing tool which will allow you to attract more clients when running any type of call-in service such as a call/service/contact-center.

Toll free numbers work on a reverse billing system meaning that the actual costs of the phone service are paid by the company that owns the toll free number, and not by the customers who dial that number.


For customers:

  • single toll-free point of contact for the company;
  • using the toll free number you can launch marketing campaigns in order to increase sales or brand awareness;
  • you can control the accuracy and quality of your service, as a result you can direct new funds towards marketing campaigns;
  • using the web tools available for real time monitoring of the traffic you can undertake fast changes in order to maximize the results;
  • the probability to be contacted by clients or potential customers will increase significantly;
  • you will increase customer satisfaction by distributing the traffic (based on caller id, date, hour);
  • you can control campaign budget by using built-in mechanisms like: limiting the number of calls per minute, restricting calls within some time interval, establishing a monthly traffic cost.

For users:

  • free calls;
  • single national access number;
  • easiest way to contact your service provider.


Euroweb Romania owns 1000 free toll numbers assigned by ANRCTI like 0800008XXX. Depending on the number format there are 4 categories of free toll numbers:

GOLD NUMBERS: 0800008000, 0800008008, 0800008080, 0800008100, 0800008200, 0800008300, 0800008300, 0800008400, 0800008500, 0800008600, 0800008700, 0800008800, 0800008880, 0800008888, 0800008900.

SILVER NUMBERS: 0800008088, 0800008111, 0800008222, 0800008333, 0800008444, 08000085555, 0800008666, 0800008777, 0800008999.

CLIENT CUSTOMIZED NUMBERS: those numbers that either contain the initials of the client or include a promotional message. e.g.: 0800008EWR, 0800008IBM, 0800008BRD etc.

STANDARD NUMBERS: random allocated numbers (e.g. 0800008115).