Using modern and highly efficient technologies, Euroweb’s Collocation services can be used to securely accommodate any type of rackable equipment

Using Euroweb Collocation services our clients have optimized their expenses and saved the necessary time for setting up their own data center with costly in-house security, power management and fire protection systems

In addition Euroweb Collocation services can be associated with physical peerings between separate clients, VPN hubs and IP peering/transit services

Our clients have 24/7 access to the collocated equipment, benefitting at the same time from permanent technical assistance via email or phone (Remote Hands).

Technical information – Euroweb Datacenter:

  • Loading capacity: 500kg/sqm;
  • Raised floor: 180mm, 19.7 inches;
  • 230 V/50 Hz AC Power;
  • Total power: 60 kVA;
  • Rack supply from two independent monophasic circuits of 230V / 16 Amps;
  • 2 x PDU (power distribution unit) in each rack with electricity consumption monitoring and overload alarm;
  • APC MGE Galaxy 5000, 60 kVA UPS – 15 min back-up;
  • Diesel generator for back-up;
  • Ambient temperature: 21+/- C0; N +1 redundant cooling system;
  • Humidity: 50 +/- 10 %;
  • Monitoring system / alarm sensors for motion, temperature, humidity, smoke, vibration, fluid leaks;
  • Access only based on visual identification (access lists);
  • CCTV surveillance system;
  • Separate cable trails for power and data;

By choosing the Euroweb Colocation service our clients benefit of:

  • Scalability
    Instead of having to hire new staff or purchase more equipment for increasing your business, you can use Euroweb and scale your service up as needed.
  • Connectivity
    Euroweb keeps your servers in a secure data center, with high bandwidth speeds, and excellent redundancy for network connections. The end customer has low operational costs as connectivity services are already in place.
  • Security
    Euroweb house your servers in secure data center, with several built in mechanisms that include closed circuit cameras, on-site security, coded access, alarm systems, and more. Everything is already installed and included in the hosting service.
  • Stability
    If the customer wants to move to another office space or suffers a critical power loss, he can keep all online services up as we have several contingency measures in place that prevent any natural or man-made outage from rendering our IP and datacenter services offline.
  • Predictability
    The customer only pays for its own equipment, not the entire datacenter. Therefore he will be able to budget IT OPEX and CAPEX in a more efficient way.
  • Dedicated sales person
    Each account is linked with a dedicated sales executive that is able to collect and respond to any questions that arise during the contract period in a timely manner.