Euroweb aims to double revenues from IT security solutions in 2018

EurowebPress CenterEuroweb aims to double revenues from IT security solutions in 2018



Euroweb aims to double revenues from IT security solutions in 2018

Euroweb Romania, one of the main local suppliers of Telecom and ICT services for business clients, aims for a 100% increase in revenues generated by IT security solutions this year.


The growth and variety of digital threats, alongside the May 25th 2018 deadline for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements are forcing companies to assign greater importance to IT security. In this context, Euroweb offers complex solutions for securing customers’ internal IT infrastructures, connections and cloud services.

Local companies will face difficulties in locating highly specialized technical staff and allocating additional budgets. The companies that will opt to outsource will find attractive solutions provided by Euroweb on a monthly basis,” says Mihai Gropoşilă, Commercial Director of Euroweb Romania. “Additionally, Internet access clients will be able to benefit from complementary commercial offers: from licensed security solutions for headquarters use, to complex monitoring, prevention, incident handling, and cloud back-ups.”

Euroweb can tailor security solutions at client and connection level for maximum flexibility and efficiency. All services benefit from non-stop technical support, recognized for its high level of professionalism. For example, Romania hosts the support center for the entire geographical region under the TT International group. That is why the share of customers who opt for such packages (access / cloud / security) is steadily increasing. Currently 3 out of 10 customers opt for a package solution.

We aim to double revenues from IT security solutions, being prepared to respond effectively to the main challenges of 2018, the year when we celebrate 20 years of activity. The first challenge is, of course, aligning local firms with GDPR requirements. The Euroweb Cloud is the secure environment for services that involve processing of personal data, allowing clients to choose the most advanced solutions and technologies for data protection, “said Nazmi Çağlar Bölük, CEO of Euroweb Romania.

In Euroweb data centers, customers can benefit from physical data protection, access control, network security, storage and processing security, system monitoring, attack prevention, disaster recovery, etc., as required by the GDPR.


Back-up in Euroweb data centers

Rising ‘ransomware’ threats force companies to revise and prioritize prevention and recovery strategies. Risk can be dramatically reduced by developing back-up plans in Euroweb data centers and securing infrastructure (servers, connections, workstations) by choosing security services provided by the Euroweb. Virtual currency development, exchange rate attacks and the need for mining systems are still worthwhile goals for hackers interested in exploiting vulnerable infrastructures. Failing to secure the network represents a major security breach, the gateway for network information collection being open simply by accessing insecure links.


Security solutions based on the latest technologies

Artificial intelligence and machine learning already play an important role in digital security strategies. At the same time, attacks become increasingly sophisticated, relying on Artificial Intelligence as well. Through strategic partnerships with major IT security players (Cisco, Fortinet, Bitdefender), Euroweb provides complex solutions based on the latest technologies in the field, which can include workstation-level detection and response, risk identification, traffic monitoring, Big Data analysis and real-time response.


Security solutions for cloud services

More and more digital strategies are based on Cloud solutions and companies must show more interest in securing IT infrastructure. Euroweb provides security solutions tailored to each virtual / physical server client: from presentation websites to sensitive information applications (ERP / CRM) and eCommerce stores.

While small businesses will migrate to cloud solutions, large organizations with distributed territorial operations will opt for infrastructure decentralization, using local data processing hubs and data centers. Distributing information systems more efficiently will also increase interest in security solutions. Euroweb offers both solutions for securing interconnections between clients’ locations, as well as big-city infrastructure.