SIP Trunk

EurowebSIP Trunk

Euroweb’s SIP Trunk service allows carrying multiple voice channels over a public or private IP network. Clients that already use an IP PABX can initiate and receive calls from any national or international fixed or mobile network that has a voice peering agreement with Euroweb.

We use our own geographical/non-geographical numbering plan that can be associated with the SIP Trunk service. If you are a national/international call-center operator with physical presence in Romania you can also opt for our LNS/ITFS service that can also be defined over SIP Trunk.

Using LNS/ITFS on top of SIP Trunk Euroweb can collect, transport and terminate inside its own network any voice lines associated to a local number regardless of its location. As a result clients for a specific service covered by the call-center can access it using local numbers and tariffs while the call center operator can benefit from localizing its business in Romania with all inherent advantages derived from this opportunity (lower costs with specialized workforce, lower operational costs, highly trained personnel, etc.

A higher-reliability way of transporting voice defined over synchronous circuits (ISDN over SDH/PDH) can also be delivered for clients in search of a highly redundant way of delivering voice. In this case the end customer needs to use a PABX capable of interconnectivity using ISDN voice signaling.