Dedicated Server

EurowebHostingDedicated Server

On a general note renting physical servers represents an operational leasing focused on hardware infrastructure. In this case the client gains sole access to a hardware platform that it can use as it sees fit in order to match its business needs.

This service is designed for clients who prefer physical infrastructure over virtual one and comes with several advantages unique to this business model.

Dedicated server customer is financed by Euroweb.

Server sizing is done according to the requirements of technical resources (parameters) involved.

Euroweb vendors portfolio: HP Enteprise

Technical information – Euroweb Datacenter:

  • Loading capacity: 500kg/sqm;
  • Raised floor: 180mm, 19.7 inches;
  • 230 V/50 Hz AC Power;
  • Total power: 60 kVA;
  • Rack supply from two independent monophasic circuits of 230V / 16 Amps;
  • 2 x PDU (power distribution unit) in each rack with electricity consumption monitoring and overload alarm;
  • APC MGE Galaxy 5000, 60 kVA UPS – 15 min back-up;
  • Diesel generator for back-up;
  • Ambient temperature: 21+/- C0; N +1 redundant cooling system;
  • Humidity: 50 +/- 10 %;
  • Monitoring system / alarm sensors for motion, temperature, humidity, smoke, vibration, fluid leaks;
  • Access only based on visual identification (access lists);
  • CCTV surveillance system;
  • Differentiated cable trails (power, data).

Dedicated Servers are recommended for:

  • Large sites with high traffic volumes
  • Online news portals
  • Online community sites with a lot of dynamic content or large e-commerce platforms
  • Mobile applications with dynamic content
  • File sharing
  • International general-purpose Websites
  • CDNs with distributed video & audio streaming
  • Online applications (e.g. websites to promote your business using databases)

Service Highlights:

  • No upfront costs for owning the server
  • Sole access and ownership to the entire hardware infrastructure
  • Provides the ability to control the whole server
  • High performance, enhanced security, stability, full remote control, choosing the hardware and operating system etc..
  • Dedicated sales person