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Phone number portability enables the landline and mobile users to keep their phone number, regardless of the service provider they choose.

Starting with 21st of October 2008, all Telecom providers in Romania will allow their own subscribers to keep their phone numbers if they wish to, in case they(the subcribers) want to switch to another provider.

Phone number portability is ruled by the Romanian law, and the implementation deadline is no more than 9 months since this decision was published in the Official Monitor, 21st January 2008.

According to the 3444/2007 ANRCTI decision, any client can benefit from phone number portability within 10 days from the date he/she submitted a request to his/her Telecom provider demanding the number portability to other network.

A subscriber can demand the portability of one number or more numbers. The portability request will also imply the closing of the current contract with the operator. The contract signed with the operator will be closed once the number portability is done.

The number portability will be applied to 4 types of phone numbers, only within the same service category:

  • domestic geographic numbers beginning with 02XXXX and 03XXXX
  • non-geographic numbers beginning with 03XXXX (such as Eurovoice numbers)
  • domestic non-geographic numbers beginning 07XXXX
  • domestic non-geographic numbers beginning 08XXXX for various services

How can we transfer a phone number to another provider?

When a client decides that he wants to transfer his phone number to the Euroweb network, he will have to undertake the following steps:

  • The client fills in a number portability request, mentioning the number/numbers he wants to transfer to Euroweb network. Within 2 working days, Euroweb will send a copy of the signed request to the current telephone provider and to the Central Database.
  • Usually, the number portability will not take longer than 10 days, however the actual phone number transfer takes place between the 7th and the 10th day. On that day, the service will not function properly up to 5 hours. The portability interval can also take more than 10 days (in exceptional cases), if the Clients requests this, or if the usual timeframe for voice services implementation (for the new provider) is more than 10 days. The maximum turnaround cannot be bigger than 30 days.
  • After the transfer request is approved, the client has to cances the contract will his current provider. Please note, that number portability will not affect the current contract and the commitments you have made.
  • After the request is approved, the Client will also have to sign a contract with the new provider (Euroweb in our case) and choose one of the existing commercial offers, please see for more details.

Another competitive advantage of Euroweb, is that we use the ACQ method for phone number portability when interogating the Central Database. Thus, you will not experience any other costs when calling other transfered numbers.

If you want to move your current number to the Eurovoice network, you can choose between one of the existing available monthly offers, without paying any additional fee. For more details regarding our commercial offer, please visit or contact our sales team.