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Dear users, before using this website and the contained information please read carefully the conditions below.

If you are not in agreement with these conditions, please stop using the services provided through the www.euroweb.ro website. Euroweb’s website and services are provided under the condition that you accept the conditions of the present document. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions please do not use this website and the services provided through it. By utilizing this website, you agree to respect the clauses of the “Terms and conditions” document. Euroweb has the right to modify its clauses at any given time, according to its exclusive decision and without any necessary warning in this direction.

1. Definitions

  1. Euroweb, hereinafter referred to as “the company” represents

    SC. Euroweb SRL having its registered office in Bucharest, 102, Lipscani Street, 3rd floor, sector 3, Nouveau Center, registered with the Trade Registry under no J40/2587/1998, sole registration code R 10347830, owner of the www.euroweb.ro website, with then contact information phone: +40-21-30-76544, e-mail customerservice@euroweb.ro. Euroweb includes also the companies from Euroweb International Group.

  2. Services

    Euroweb provides integrated communications solutions for the specific need of every business: private or public networks, internet access services, domain registering services, collocation, hosting, voice services as well as other services.

  3. User

    Any person that accesses Euroweb’s websites, no matter the reason

  4. Client

    User or any individual or company with whom Euroweb has a contract regarding any of the products, services provided by the company

  5. Personal information

    Every information referring to an identified individual regarding the personal identification no or one or more specific elements regarding its physical, physiological, economical, cultural or social features.

  6. Processing personal information

    Represents any operation or set of operations made with personal information through automatic or non-automatic means as collection, registration, organization, adaption or modification, extraction, consultation, utilization, disclosing it to third parties, dissemination, combination, deletion or destruction

  7. Traffic data

    Any processed data transmitted through an electronic communication network or for billing the value of this operation

2. General dispositions

For using any of the Euroweb’s services the user has to have the necessary equipments ( pc, phone etc ) and to pay all the associated fees for these services.

The user understands that he has been informed regarding the optimal functional conditions for Euroweb’s services and agrees that the company is not responsible for any damages caused by using other technical conditions than those mentioned above.

Taking into consideration that Euroweb is free to modify anytime the content of “Terms and Conditions” document, the users have the obligation to periodically verify the content of the present document. Using the service means that the user accepts and agrees with the content

Euroweb’s website are intended for personal use and any commercial use, without the company’s previous whiten agreement is strictly forbidden.

Euroweb provides its services on an “as is” basis and is exonerated from any responsibility regarding the deletion, transmission or wrongful salvation of this information. In this direction, Euroweb does not grant any warranty regarding the availability or security of its services.

3. User account

Client records are regarded as confidential and therefore will not be divulged to any third party unless the user agrees to it or the law or the contracts signed by the user demands it.

The user is responsible for keeping confidential its user account and password and will report and unauthorized use of it. The user is entirely responsible for any activity or information transmitted from his account or email address, no matter if this was done with or without his approval. The user agrees to inform Euroweb if his account has been breached. The user agrees to use the “log out” option when ending utilizing Euroweb’s website. Euroweb will not be held responsible for the consequences of not respecting these clauses by the user. Euroweb has no responsibility if the account/email address has been accessed by an unauthorized third party for any reasons. In the same time Euroweb is exonerated from any responsibility in the case of losing the confidentiality of the user account or the password or any damages resulting from the user’s incapacity to conform with the safety rules mentioned above.

The client ( the consumer as it is defined by the applicable legal framework regarding the consumer’s protection) understands and agrees by using this website that the electronic communications services acquired online and provided by Euroweb start after fulfilling all the required registration formalities. Supplying electronic communication services begins with the client’s agreement before the expiration of 10 working days period stipulated by art.7, OG no 130/2000 regarding consumers protection at closing and executing distant contracts.

4. Users obligations

The user agrees to use Euroweb’s services only for legal purposes and will not do any of the activities below:

  • Any of the copyrights materials cannot be published without the prior agreement of the author
  • Euroweb’s service cannot be for fraudulent activities like fake sale/buy offers of products or services, financial frauds, software pirating
  • Modify, transmit, distribute, publish, reproduce, grant licenses, create derivate products, transfer or sell any type of information or services obtained through these websites
  • Publish images or text with sexually explicit content, detracting, obscene, menacing materials which have verbal or physical violence or any other cruel acts, materials which refers to utilizing, fabricating or selling arms or drugs
  • Upload, send or transmit any material containing informatics viruses or any code that is programmed to destroy, perturb or enclose the utilization on any of the company’s computers, networks, materials or programs
  • Interfere or affect the connected networks to the website or to breach in this way the procedural necessities of the websites
  • Affect in anyway intellectual copyrights, commercial logos or any rights attached to the materials published on Euroweb’s websites
  • Add or delete personal information regarding the users for commercial or prejudicial purposes

5. Intellectual copyright

The company has exclusive intellectual copyright on every page from the website, including the contained data and information and this can not be virtually acquired by any third part. It is forbidden to copy or publish whole or partial pages from this website or use it in any way, commercially included, without a prior written agreement from Euroweb are exclusively owned

Every logo, commercial symbols and images contained by the Euroweb’s websites are exclusively owned by Euroweb which holds every right on them. As a result it is forbidden to make any modifications to the website or to cop, distribute, publish, multiply or transmit to third parties any part of the website without a prior written agreement from Euroweb.

6. Limited responsibility

Euroweb is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or tangential damages resulting from using or the incapacity of using the service, for unauthorized access, the alteration of transmissions or user’s data’s , inclusively profit, data or intangible information losses, even if Euroweb has been notified by the possibility of such injuries.

Euroweb is not responsible if its services can not be accessed but the users on an unlimited period of time for any technical or commercial reasons. The users understands the Euroweb is exonerated from any responsibility if the malfunction is provoked by the quality, disponibility of the local, national or international suppliers for internet or electronic communications services, indifferent to the fact that the user is trying to access Euroweb’s services on Romania’s territory or outside its borders. Euroweb offers no warranty that any programming error will be corrected or that the service or server supplied to the users has no viruses or any components which might harm the user.

No recommendation or any oral or written information, obtained by the user from Euroweb through the company’s services will create any warranty or obligation which is not expressly stipulated in the present “Terms and Conditions” document. Euroweb’s liability, if this is established by a judicial or arbitrary court resulted in any way from or in relation with Euroweb’s services according to the present document is limited for each event or in the case of a series of events to the amount of 100USD.

7. Confidentiality

Eurweb will due all the necessary due diligence to keep all the information confidential but even so the company will not guaranty the utilization of the website by the users will be confidential

Euroweb is not responsible for any damage suffered b the user or any individual as a result of confidentiality for using this website. Any information disclosed by the user on Euroweb’s websites might not be safe during its transmission on the Internet. The third parties are responsible for intercepting the transmission made by the users which utilize Euroweb’s websites. Some of the services accessed by the user on this website allows Euroweb to receive personal information.

8. Personal information

Euroweb respects the privacy right and the private life regarding the personal information processing for each individual that accesses the company’s websites and also respects and conforms to the current applicable Romanian law regarding personal information.

Euroweb has the right to use the information collected from its users for improving or billing its services or for managing the traffic, for processing orders or demands of its users for assaying credits and expenses, for statistical purposes, preventing or identifying frauds as well as for any legit purposes, within the legal framework.

Personal information wil be recorded and organized through the Euroweb’s means and applications and will be stored on server where are hosted the websites or any server owned by the company or the its service suppliers as well as on any support which allows this type of operation.

Euroweb will be able to use the traffic data, with the user’s express agreement, for selling Euroweb’s services. The user gives his consent in the sense of receiving promotional/marketing materials inclusively the services/facilities offered by/through Euroweb. The user has the right to demand, free of charge, through a written notification, that his personal information are not to be used by third parties for direct marketing.

Euroweb agrees to respect the user’s right conferred by the 677/2001 law and at its express request sent to 102, Lipscani Street, 3rd floor, sector 3, Nouveau Center to a) rectify, update, block, erase or transform in anonymous information, free of charge the data for which the processing is the in agreement with the 677/2001 law b) to stop processing the respective information

Euroweb informs its users on their legal rights:

    1. Information right

      You have been informed, reading the present clauses on the Euroweb’s identity, the purpose for which Euroweb is processing the information you provide, the third parties where the data is transmitted with your prior agreement, if providing personal information is mandatory or not, the existing rights for protecting the personal information and also the bearing conditions

    2. Access right

      You are entitled, through a written demand, dated and signed, to obtain from Euroweb a confirmation that your personal information are not processed by our company. This demand will be resolved free of charge under the limit of one demand per year.

    3. Intervention right

      You have the right to request KMT, by submitting a written demand, dated and signed as follows: a) rectification, updating, blocking or deleting incomplete or inaccurate data, or illegal processing b) transforming illegal personal data in anonymous information; notifying the third parties regarding the operations mention at a) and b)

    4. Opposition right

      You have the right to oppose at any moment by submitting a written demand, dated and signed the processing of your personal information based on legal reasons referring to your situation.

    5. The right of not being the object on an individual decision:

      The right to demand and receive:
      a) Backing up or annulling a decision that has judicial effects on you, adopted exclusively in connection with the processing of personal data, executed automaticly having as purpose the evaluation of some aspects regarding your personality or professional competencies, credibility, behavioral or other aspects.
      b)Reevaluation of any decision which is connected to you or affects you in a significant way if that decision was implemented exclusively on the basis of processing the data which respect the conditions mention in the a) clause

    6. The right to appeal to a judicial court

      You have the right to appeal to any judicial court in order to defend your right granted by law in regard with protecting the processing of personal data.

Euroweb will not publish the email addresses or personal information to third parties unless required by law. In the same time Euroweb reserves the right to make public this data as statistics in order to show the its users profile.

At the express demand of the competent Romanian authorities Euroweb reserves the right to supply all the information regarding a certain user as well as the activities he has done through Euroweb’s websites.

9. Online payment for the services supplied by Euroweb

Euroweb gives its users the possibility to purchase the company’s services, besides through the traditional payment means ( cash or bank transfer) also through online payment.

The user can choose one of the following means of payment: credit card/ debit, bank transfer, payment order::

      • Bank: Unicredit Tiriac, Sf. Gheorghe brancj , Bucharest
      • Cod IBAN: RO75BRDE441SV00623144510
      • Euroweb accepts the folloring credit/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Discover, Dinner’s Club, inclusively virtual cards Visa or Mastercard

If the user chooses a credit/debit card as mean of payment he has to complete a form with personal data. For a correct transaction the users will supply the card code, the expiring date and the last 3 figures written on the line containing your signature. None of the information related to the user’s card will be transferred or stored on the Euroweb’s servers, they are processed directly on the server of the online payment supplier.

Any online payment made for purchasing Euroweb’s services cannot be returned under no circumstances, the user understanding that from the moment of payment the amount is transferred irrevocably to Euroweb.

10. Access to a detailed bill

The software which ensures access to a detailed bill is destined for the exclusive use of Euroweb, of its agents, distributors, clients and registered users of the company’s services. Any use of it by unauthorized third parties by surpassing in a fraudulent way the authentication service or any security services of any network, server or server web is expressively forbidden and sanction according to the current legal framework.

Euroweb supplies the detailed bill service under the conditions of the services contract closed by Euroweb with the client.

The content of the detailed bill will be monthly updated , after each billing period. Euroweb is not responsible for any prejudice brought to the client or a third party by unauthorized access of a third party to the personal information supplied automatically by this software through correct authentication and acceptances of these terms and conditions.

The client is responsible for keeping the user account and password confidential and will report any unauthorized use of it. Euroweb is exonerated from any responsibility in the case of lost confidentiality or any damages resulting from the client’s incapacity to conform with these safty measure.

11. Final dispositions

    1. Force majeure

      Euroweb is not responsible in the case of force majeure for the functioning of the services and fulfilling contractual obligation

    2. Jurisdiction/ Applicable law

      Terms and conditions for the Euroweb’s websites are governed and interpreted in accordance with the Romanian laws and any dispute risen in connection with the above clauses will be resolved amicably or in case of a settlement by The Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania. Euroweb’s websites can be accessed anywhere in Romania and outside its borders. Euroweb does not grant that the content of the company’s websites are in agreement with the legal framework from other countries outside Romania. If the users access Euroweb’s websites it is done on its own risk and it’s the sole responsible for respecting the laws from the respective teriroty.

    3. Failure to comply

      The users will compensate Euroweb for any prejudice, inclusively the lawyer’s fees in case of breaching the clauses of the present document entitled Terms and Conditions.