Eurovoice Business

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Eurovoice Business offers a flexible and complete solution specially designed for companies. Its main advantage is scalability, thus you are able to own an unlimited number of lines for the same contract.

Eurovoice Business is available in different versions, depending on your communication needs. Thus, you can choose from Eurovoice On net, Eurovoice Everywhere, ISDN –E1 and SIP.

Also, for every Eurovoice Business version you have unlimited calls within the Eurovoice network or to other Open Networks. The many of your business partners choose Eurovoice as their communications service provider, the more your save from your communication budget.

Also, the service’s features will allow you to have a complete control over your monthly costs:

  • Public number for life
  • Free unlimited calls to all Eurovoice numbers and to any number within Open Networks
  • You will have access to our CDR Tool and WebCare online applications
  • Advanced features ( voicemail, calls selection, accepting calls, restricting calls, timebase availability, CLIR )
  • Optiuni avansate (voicemail, selectarea apelurilor, acceptarea apelurilor, restrictionarea apelurilor, timebase availability, CLIR)
  • You have multiple options to use the service.