An Internet hosting service is a service that runs Internet servers, allowing organizations to serve content to the Internet. There are various levels of service and various kinds of services offered by Euroweb:

Dedicated Server

Euroweb Dedicated servers are a popular choice for business customers that require a reliable platform for mission critical projects such as high volume websites, e-commerce platforms and online applications.

Virtual Private Server

Our customers use Euroweb VPS products because it was very important to have their information kept in maximum security, easily accessible and always available. Our services, constantly adapted to our customers needs are a perfect match with these needs and help the companies benefitting of them to have a sustainable and healthy grow.

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) – is dedicated to the exclusive use of a client and has the same requested resources for processing, memory and storage space as a hardware server.

Hardware infrastructure is based on HP Blades and HP Fiber-Channel storage while the virtualization environment is based on latest VMWARE technologies.

Our VPS packages, VPS Eurostarter and VPS Euroenterprise depend of the amount of the power of processing, virtual memory capacity and hard disk space allocated.

Web Hosting – Eurowebhost

Eurowebhost service is based on Euroweb’s hosting platforms with their specific features. We can provide hosting on the Windows platform for web sites specifically designed for this type of operating system and Linux platform for the other sites. Our clients can also benefit of many features related to hosting and design, as SQL databases, PHP and Javascripts, .NET extensions etc


Through its modern and highly efficient technology, the Euroweb Collocation services provides for our partners connections of the highest quality at high speeds and completely secure. Using Euroweb Collocation services our clients have optimized their expenses and saved the necessary time for setting up their own data center with costly in-house security, power management and fire protection systems. In addition, Euroweb Collocation services provide interconnection between our clients’ equipments and their customers or operators and also guaranteed bandwidth of internet for the collocated servers