Euroweb’s wholesale services can deliver everything you need to run an ISP or Telco at very competitive rates all based on one of the most reliable networks from Romania and also from South-Eastern Europe.

Our wholesale department specializes in providing internet and voice services and IP and data transfer with focus on reliability and performance.

In terms of IP Transit and Data Transport Euroweb’s wholesale services provides:

  • IP Tranzit – 4 Tier 1 connections: Level 3, Telia Sonera, Inteliquent (TINET), NTT
  • Direct presence in multiple major Internet eXchanges like: LINX, AMS-IX, DECIX, RONIX, Interlan, Balcan-IX, BIX, VIX, SIX, NIX.
  • Direct peering with all major ISP in Romania (UPC, RDS, Telekom, etc.)
  • Leased Lines
  • 35 DWDM/SDH national and international POP
  • Full coverage Nx10G capacities
  • Redundant backbone
  • PDH / SDH/DWDM or IP technology
  • MPLS VPN – 14 MPLS national and international POP

If you need Infrastructure Services we put at your disposal:

  • Dark Fiber rental and IRU
  • Collocation services
  • Tele housing & Data Center (incl. neutral)

For voice services we have wholesale transit and termination with:

  • Direct interconnections with all mobile and major fixed Romanian networks
  • Own numbering plan
  • Eurovoice peering
  • Eurovoice transit (postpaid, prepaid, SS7, ISDN, SIP, H323).

Euroweb can also offer you Hosting Services through:

  • Collocation (footprint and rack units)
  • Managed Collocations
  • Application Hosting (Web, Mail, DNS), Shared Hosting, Server Monitoring
  • Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers
  • Media Streaming
  • Video and Audio Conference

Add to all this the fact that we have 1117 Km inter-cities fiber optic cables, own, rented, IRU and swapped. Also we provide metropolitan networks in all major cities like : Bucharest- here we have over 1000Km of fiber, optic cables, aerial and underground, multiple 10G rings, Ethernet and STM64 SDH; Timisoara, Suceava, Brasov, Tg Mures, Sibiu, Constanta, Craiova, Ploiesti, Oradea and Bacau.

Our N x 10G IP MPLS technology is powered by Juniper and Cisco while the N x STM64, SDH and DWDM is powered by ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei and Transmode.

In the same time we give you data protection trough redundant uplinks, protected power, MPLS and SDH technology and carrier grade redundant chassis.

Euroweb’s Wholesale Department has the right tools to give your business the edge in today’s digital world and all of our products and pricing are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. For more details please contact us at: wholesale@euroweb.ro