Internet and Data

EurowebInternet and Data

Euroweb Romania is specialized in offering complete and personalized solutions for internet and data transfer for any company. Choose the fastest and most efficient solutions and expand your business with the help of our internet and data products.

In order to have a successful business in this dynamic and aggressive economic environment it has become of the out most importance for a company to have high speed connection to the internet that is always reliable and secure. Euroweb Internet Business line of products are built to respond exactly to these needs and to help our clients to achieve their business targets.

Growing companies and know that success in business is based on the sharing of resources, information and confidence.

By Euroweb Internet product line Business so our clients benefit from the products and services of the highest quality but it and help each other to grow and develop. Each of our partners has a certain bandwidth that you can share with 5 clients. In this way each customer has access both to his guaranteed share but also can use the rest of the band which is not used within the group. Access is differentiated in International Access and Metropolitan Access.

At customer’s request, additional security services are offered for data network as Unified Threat Management or antivirus for endpoints and servers.