The Romanian market of cloud computing services will grow approximately 20% in 2015

EurowebUncategorizedThe Romanian market of cloud computing services will grow approximately 20% in 2015



The Romanian market of cloud computing services will grow approximately 20% in 2015

  • The public institutions and SMBs will be the main boosting engines
  • The value of this market will exceed 150 million euro until 2017
  • Euroweb plans to launch on the market in the near future cloud infrastructure and security solutions

Bucharest, 25. June 2015 – On the local market, cloud computing services will exceed the value of 150 million euro until 2017, given that more and more companies and public institutions are realizing the necessity of cloud services and have decided to implement them. For 2015, Euroweb estimations are indicating a 20% increase in the local cloud services industry.

“On the Romanian market, the implementation level for cloud services in 2013 was under 10%, but during the next few years, we are expecting a considerable growth, taking into consideration that the European funds for 2014 – 2020 period can be accessed. We estimate an important increase of the demand from smaller companies and public institutions, now that the European Commission has established the financing rules of IT projects in 2014”, says Nazmi Çağlar Bölük, CEO Euroweb Romania.

High potential of growth for private sector

According to Euroweb specialists, the most recent European statistics show that the Romanian market has an important demand and growth potential in the area of IT business solutions for companies. The implementation of cloud solutions in the private sector reduces the costs of using IT solutions (it relieves companies of the expenditures for servers, software licenses, hosting, colocation, maintenance or technical-specialized employees), it grants access to a model of pricing based on the usage percentage of SAAS (Software As A Service), it implies flexibility and the information is very well structured and centralized.

More efficient public administrations  

The public sector is implementing cloud computing technology for various reasons: firstly, because of the cost reduction and considerable rise of work efficiency in governances. Plus, espousing such technology allows an easy execution on systems focused on functionality and on the citizens’ need of handily solving their problems with the public administrations.

Individual users are familiarized with cloud services

Lately, things have also changed for the individual users. “The number of those who find activities in cloud useful is going higher and higher, showing people’s trust in this market and it automatically leads towards a maturation of all that is created and used in the cloud system, including web hosting services in cloud”, says Nazmi Çağlar Bölük.

Individual users will have the chance and opportunity to access and use different files and media information on various devices. Phone applications in cloud, media elements, social networking, music and video streaming will rise significantly and the items created in cloud shall become even more of a necessity. In the end, cloud will be the most efficient and well known option for storing up data.

Knowing the advantages that cloud provides to not only private and public environments, but also to individual users, brings forth the premises for the launching of new similar services and the increase of adoption rate of the ones already available on the market. Euroweb currently offers cloud services, such as Virtual Private Server(VPS) and Virtual PBX – a very efficient cost-effective solution, for interconnecting within a private network such as VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), through the Internet

Euroweb plans to launch on the market in the near future infrastructure and security cloud solutions. An example would be the Managed DDoS Protection, a service that protects companies from DDoS (Distributed-Denial-Of-Service) attacks which are continuously developing.

The objective of the DDoS attacks is to distribute a really large number of demands to the informatic systems or data base of a website, so that it wouldn’t be available for users anymore. The Managed DDoS Protection service prevents these attacks from reaching their destination.

About Euroweb

Euroweb Romania is one of the most important players in the Romanian telecommunications market. The company is specialised in providing IT&C dedicated business solutions to the B2B segment.

Euroweb currently has 80 employees and operational centers in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi, serving over 1,000 customers in segments such as financial and banking, services,  manufacturing and telecommunications.

Since 2010, the main shareholder of Euroweb Romania SA is TT International Holdings BV, part of Turk Telekom group which owns the largest telecommunications infrastructure in the region.